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GMO Internet Selects Brocade VCS Fabric Technology for the Network Infrastructure of Its Cloud-Based Social Game Hosting Service, "GMO AppsCloud"

== Reasons to be selected ===============================================
    Outstanding scalability, high bandwidth and high availability delivered by Ethernet fabrics.
    Excellent port density and overwhelmingly low power and heat emission design of Brocade VDX switches.
    Brocade's innovative portfolio and proven track record as the pioneer of the Ethernet fabric technology.

Ethernet fabric delivers high performance required for online games as well as enhanced scalability that flexibly supports the fast growth of the customer's business.

[Tokyo, Japan; November 20, 2012] Brocade Communications Systems K.K. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masakazu Aoba, Capital: 200 million yen) announced today that GMO Internet, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO and Representative Director: Masatoshi Kumagai) has deployed a data centre networking solution based on Brocade® Ethernet fabrics and VCS® Fabric technologyfor the network infrastructure of the company's cloud service for social games - "GMO AppsCloud".
"GMO AppsCloud"(URL: http://cloud.gmo.jp/ ) is a cloud-based hosting service that offers a server environment optimized for publishing social games on major Japanese social platforms such as GREE, Mobage and mixi. It is notoriously difficult to predict the level of success of social games and subsequently the level of server resources required. Therefore, underlying infrastructure must be able to perform reliably even when there are sudden or sustained spikes in traffic to a particular game. Due to the rapid growth of its social game cloud hosting business, GMO Internet needed a network that would allow greater scalability and more effective usage of bandwidth. 
With this in mind, it launched an internal project with the task of rebuilding the network. Previously, the company used a traditional, hierarchal network with large core switches, which was expensive to expand due to the high unit price of the switches. In addition, the company also had to resolve ROI issues resulting from STP, which generated unused blocking ports in the active/standby configuration, preventing connection bandwidth from being improved.  
After identifying Ethernet Fabric as a solution to its network architecture requirements, GMO Internet compared and considered multiple vendor solutions. The company selected Brocade VDX® switches – specifically Brocade VDX 6710 and 6720 Switches – and Brocade VCS Fabric technology as this was the only solution that met the complex requirements of the "GMO AppsCloud" service. The company started deploying the switches in June 2012 and brought the new network infrastructure online in September.
GMO Internet selected Brocade VDX switches primarily for the following reasons.
    Outstanding scalability, high bandwidth and high availability delivered by Ethernet fabrics – Brocade VCS fabrics allow the customer to build a flat Layer 2-based network, eliminating issues caused by STP and gaining enhanced scalability, high bandwidth and high availability required for the hosting environment for social games.
    Excellent port density and overwhelmingly low power and heat emission design of Brocade VDX switches - Brocade VDX switches features excellent port density in compact small form factor cases, low power consumption per port (compared to competitors) and low heat emission, allowing more servers to be installed in the racks. In addition, the Brocade VDX switches offer almost a half of the cost per port offered by competitors, eliminating initial costs when deploying the system.  
    Brocade's innovative portfolio and proven track record as the pioneer of the Ethernet fabric technology - It was obvious that Brocade was the pioneer of Ethernet fabrics, with the introduction of solutions (such as the Brocade VDX family of switches) earlier than anybody else in the industry. GMO Internet had already adopted more than 100 Brocade ADX® Application Delivery Switches for the "GMO AppsCloud" service, that were operate stably, and accompanied by a high level of customer support. 
"A network that can flexibly address immediate demands for expansion without degrading service quality, even under uncertain circumstances, is critical for the infrastructure of services for social games. By building an Ethernet Fabric with Brocade VDX switches and VCS Fabric technology, we were able to build an ideal network that can be flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively scaled as our business grows," said Yoshiaki Sato, Network Team, Service Development Group, System Division, GMO Internet, Inc. 
GMO Internet has already built an Ethernet fabric with a great number of racks, planning to expand the scale to over a few hundred racks. In the future, the company plans to improve the link between Brocade VDX switches and Brocade ADX Application Delivery Switches that have already been adopted for the network of "GMO AppsCloud", further enhancing the automation capability.
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Since launching its Internet business in 1995, GMO Internet has aimed to be Japan's leading comprehensive Internet group by deploying web infrastructure / EC, Internet Media, Internet securities and social smart phone businesses, under its motto of "Bring the Internet to Everyone." With 2,300 employees entirely, the GMO Internet Group consists of 62 group companies, including 6 publicly-listed companies and GMO Click Securities, Inc. For further details, please visit http://www.gmo.jp/.
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