The New IP: What is it and why you should care?
Listen to Christine Heckart, Brocade CMO, discuss the New IP and what it means to service providers and their business.

The New IP Hits Wall Street
Brocade took over NYC on September 24 to host its annual Investor Day and ring the opening bell at NASDAQ. The New IP is here.

Brocade: Data Center Networks of the Future
The digital age has impacted IT infrastructures in an unprecedented way. Is your business keeping up with the massive influx of data? Industry-leading Brocade network solutions and services can help your business make a smooth transition to this digital, virtualized world.

What is SDN and What Does it Mean for the Network?
Software-Defined Networking, or SDN, is all about programmability of the network. You can write software that interacts with programmatic interfaces, automating your network.

Why Legacy Networking Is Old News
Why is your network old news? Benson Schliesser, Brocade's distinguished engineer gives insight into the truth about today's network.

Rackspace Deploys Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel
Brocade next-generation SAN technology has allowed Rackspace to simplify their SAN infrastructure, while also creating a denser environment that allows more ports per square foot of data center space.

SuperComuting 2013
Check out the overview video of Brocade's experience at SC13 in Denver, CO!

Brocade Analyst and Technology Day Overview
On Wednesday, September 25, Brocade hosted its annual Analyst and Technology Day. The event provided strategic updates on the company's business and technology roadmap.

Scaling the On-Demand Data Center
The cloud is changing everything. Learn how Brocade's new networking solutions can help you build the On-Demand Data Center that can scale to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Inside the Mind of a Data Center Customer
Take a trip with Randy, inside his mind, as he evaluates possible network vendors for his data center. Which vendor will he choose? Will he make the right decision? How does he know? Tune in to see where his mind takes him.

Lloyd Carney Wentworth Commencement Speech 2013
Brocade CEO Lloyd Carney gave the commencement speech at his Alma Mater, Wentworth Institute of Technology: "Success does not come swiftly—it takes dedication and hard work," Lloyd Carney said. "You get to choose the end destination and I suggest you choose happiness."

VMworld 2013
Come to Brocade booth 1513 at VMworld 2013 to see the only partner-integrated LIVE demo for NSX.

SunGard Public Sector Chooses Brocade VDX Switches
SunGard Public Sector recently chose to replace its existing data center switching products with an infrastructure based on Brocade VDX Switches and VCS Fabric technology. Learn why SunGard Public Sector chose Brocade as part of its mission to support city and county governments, public safety and justice agencies, and non-profit organizations across North America.

Giving Back at 2013 Brocade Partner Summit New Orleans
Brocade employees and channel partners give back to the New Orleans community, though a day of volunteering and service with Habitat for Humanity NOLA. The group of 76 people spent the day building four homes in the City Parish neighborhood, which is still working to rebuild itself after the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina in 2008.

Brocade at Interop 2013
Listen to what Brocade Customers and Partners have to say at Interop 2013 in Las Vegas.

EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure with Brocade Networking
EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure with Brocade networking offers market leading networking capabilities to deliver best of breed cloud infrastructure to customers.

New San Francisco 49ers Stadium Update: Bid for the Superbowl
The 49ers held a press conference on March 6th to provide an update on the team's bid to host the 2016 Superbowl. Brocade, the official networking technology partner for the new 49ers stadium, was on-hand for the event.

High Energy Physics Data at 100 Gb/s
The video shows the 100G network demonstration between the University of Victoria and the Caltech booth at the Super Computing 2011 Conference in Seattle (November 13-17 2011).

Importance of 100 GbE: Live Demo over a WAN
At Supercomputing 2011 in Seattle Brocade continued a long-standing and successful tradition of engaging with the international community in high performance computing, networking and storage. Brocade's participation at this show promotes education through innovations created here and now in high performance computing.

Fundamental Cloud Innovations
CMO John McHugh discusses how Brocade is driving innovation across both technology and business levels for the migration to cloud.

Brocade and VMware -- Partners in Technology Integration
Parag Patel, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware discusses the company's partnership with Brocade in technology integration, joint solutions and go-to-market collaboration that help customers build highly automated, efficient and easy-to-manage cloud environments. Learn more about VMware/Brocade solutions at:

Brocade Mobilizer 1.0 at VMworld 2011
Through our work with EMC and VMWare, Brocade has created a revolutionary new VMotion solution... Take a ride on the "Mobilizer 1.0" (just out of beta!) to see it come to life!

Preferred Network Acquisition Model for Cloud Computing
Elaborating on content outlined in the IDC Whitepaper, "Brocade Network Subscription: A New Option to Align IT/Network Infrastructure with Changing Business Requirements," IDC's Joe Pucciarelli discusses how this new model breaks through boundaries and limitations of traditional buying cycles.

Ethernet Fabric Momentum
Jason Nolet, VP of Data Center and Enterprise Networking for Brocade, talks about the technical and business continuity benefits of deploying ethernet fabrics for cloud architectures in the data center.

Brocade Cloud Optimized Networking Series
Brocade Cloud Optimized Networking Series (title and description are the same)

IBM Integrates Cloud Computing
Vikram Mehta, Vice President, System Networking, Systems & Technology Group, IBM Corporation, discusses the importance of cloud computing and how the company is integrating next-generation FC technologies to improve highly virtualized environments.

"No Network CapEx" in Action at Rackspace
Rackspace executives discuss how Brocade Network Subscription enables their company to more cost effectively deliver cloud-based application services to their customers.

New IBM-branded Brocade Cloud-Optimized SANs Announced
In this video, executives from IBM and Brocade discuss the next-generation backbones, switches, and management designed to unleash the full potential of private cloud storage and virtualization. With unmatched scalability, performance, reliability, and functionality, these new IBM-branded Brocade platforms will transform current SAN fabrics into cloud-optimized SANs. For details, see

Brocade Reports Q2 FY2011 Results
Brocade recorded quarterly revenues of $550 million, representing an increase of 9.8% year-over-year and resulting in diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.06 on a GAAP basis and $0.13 on a non-GAAP basis.

Brocade Reports Q1 FY 11 Earnings
Brocade reported Q1 revenues of $546 million, representing an increase of 1.2% year-over-year and resulting in diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.06 on a GAAP basis and $0.12 on a non-GAAP basis.

Brocade Reports Record-setting Q4 FY10 Earnings
Brocade announced its Q4 FY10 financial results, an all-time record for the company in terms of revenue, representing an increase of over nine percent quarter-over-quarter. Brocade attributed the record performance to a number of factors including an all-time company high in revenue for its Ethernet business which is composed of products and services.

Brocade Reports Q2 FY 10 Earnings
Brocade CEO, Mike Klayko, discusses Q2 results for FY 10, which was highlighted by strong growth in the Ethernet business as well as robust end-user demand in the SAN business. Brocade beat EPS estimates for the 19th consecutive quarter.

Brocade FYQ1 2010 Earnings - CEO Mike Klayko
February 22, 2010 Brocade CEO, Mike Klayko, discusses the company's Q1 earnings, which included quarterly revenues increasing 25 percent year-over-year to $539.5M.

Brocade Campus Dedication Ceremony
On Sept. 9th, 2010, CEO Mike Klayko, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, U.S. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Carl Guardino, and other state and local government officials commemorate the opening of Brocade's new corporate headquarters in San Jose. The Campus Dedication celebrates Brocade's commitment to jobs, innovation, data center efficiency, community and the environment, and recognizes key partners who helped make this new campus possible.